"The Gatehouse" Adult Care Home, in Cobble Hill B.C., is a human-scale, VIHA licensed facility where people needing supportive physical care or assistance in everyday living can find a real home. Although wheel-chair accessible, this is not institutional living - it is a home where each of the up to five clients receive genuine loving care and skilled assistance from live-in staff. Each client has his or her own room with their own possessions, but share a common living room with television, and a comfortable, homey kitchen-dining area for their meals.

      For those who miss being able to have pets, there is a resident dog and cat. As well, the Gatehouse backs onto a farm meadow where several horses are pastured during the summer months, making a charming setting for those sitting in the patio area.

      The Gatehouse provides Day Care and short term respite, as well as a long-term home. It offers three levels of care, from minor assistance, through complex care, to palliative care, from skilled, trained, professional care-givers. The staff at the Gatehouse believe in the value of individual attention and a family atmosphere, and the clients there feel and appreciate the extraordinary difference this makes to their lives.

      For further information, or to arrange a visit, call Rae-Marie Nekleva at 250-743-4913, or email gatehouseadultcareltd@shaw.ca.


The common living room at the Gatehouse Adult Care, in Cobble Hill, BC   The kitchen and dining table at the Gatehouse Adult Care, Cobble Hill, BC   A sample bedroom at the Gatehouse   One of the fully equipped, wheelchair accessible bathrooms at the Gatehouse

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